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Fay Spurgin was born in London England.

Obsessed by books from an early age, and began writing in her later years. Enjoys travel, has even cruised around the world.

Now devotes hours to crafting children time travel adventure stories and impressive romance stories. The Ripples Spread…Broken Dreams.


Children’s stories  Matthew Adventures in Scotland

                              Matthew and the Foreign Legion

                              Matthew’s Unexpected Journey into Space

                             Matthews Amazing Journey to Corr Earth


She lives in Adelaide, South Australia.






Fay Spurgin children stories

Matthews Adventures in Scotland

Matthew and the Foreign Legion

Matthew’s Unexpected Journey into Space

Matthew’s Amazing Journey to Corr Earth

Matthew’s Adventures in Scotland  is a time travel, fantasy, adventure story. Matthew Yates through his amazing energy travels back in time to Scotland at the time of the Battle of Culloden 1746.
He has several frightening and life threatening experiences during his journey.
Meets a dangerous sorcerer and a friendly witch. Nearly comes to a sticky end with the English Redcoats.
He however ends up with painful reminders of his time travel

Now he has to find excuses.



5.0 out of 5 stars What a great and dramatic story this was! Great for grade schoolers!

January 11, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

I enjoyed the story line and the adventures Matthew went through, too! I found it was quite a page turner. So, I wish to rate this as a five star eBook and wish to recommend it for those who enjoy time travel adventure stories with some fantasy in it. A clean read book. I received this for free and in return here is my honest review. Super work Fay! By Sunny.


Matthew and the Foreign Legion is a fantasy, time travel, adventure.
Matthew is a boy with vast energy powers, which he uses to travel through time.
He meets Jagadeep another time traveler, who gives him encouragement and a gift.
Unexpectedly Matthew uses his special powers on a school excursion, and finds his next time travel adventure through a school assignment.He sets out to see the French Foreign Legion…with difficult outcomes, meets Bedouin tribe’s men, and fleeing the authorities, and a prison cell.


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JoJo Maxson

October 2, 2018

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
Matthew and the Foreign Legion is the second of this four book series, featuring this young time traveler. Fay Spurgin focused on her writing as she entered her later years, gleaning from her years of experience. Matthew combines his gift of controlling time with his love of history. This episode of his tale continues after his visit to Scotland. He continues to grow in his understanding of this ability as his meets others who help him on his way.

I think Foreign Legion would fascinate any child in lower grades, especially those interested in time travel. Fay Spurgin gets down on a child level and enters their world. She allows them to fantasize them through her character. This collection would be great in a child’s library.





Matthew’s Unexpected Journey into Space
Matthew had other adventures, going back in time to Scotland in 1746, and the French Foreign Legion in 1900.
But… never…never could he have believed it possible for him to go on an outer space adventure.
His wandering in Pendellys wood that day, and what he found, became the most amazing thing that he had ever experienced.
He had by chance, in the middle of the wood, come across something very odd.
Completely different to anything he had ever stumbled upon on earth, the meeting was not friendly and this unknown he believed a major threat to his life.
But, the chance meeting, this sudden encounter, led Matthew on an unbelievable adventure. Visiting a planet way past the Milky Way. And finding not all will go well for him as a human in an alien world.

 MATTHEW’S AMAZING JOURNEY to CORR EARTH is so different from his other adventures, Matthew’s falling down through the earth scary and what he found down there frightening.
To escape he needed his wits about him and the gifts he had been given during his other adventures.
Old Morga’s medallion from his adventures in Scotland, she said it would keep him safe and make him stronger.
Jagadeep’s carved wood from the ancient tree in the Indus River region in India, Jagadeep had given it to him before his journey to the Foreign Legion, told him it was special and would change into something he needed, when he was in trouble.
And his third gift given to him by Altos, at the end of his unexpected journey into space, a small silver disc, he handled with care, knowing this would bring him special powers.


Customer Reviews

An adventurous story about teamwork

I loved this book. This was a cute story where a boy is “chosen” to live in the core of the earth along with a bunch of other kids. This world is ran by one head guy with a few other chosen adults to run certain areas of their world. Matthew has three tools that could help the him and the other kids escape and get back to their families. It’s a great book about a big task for these kids to accomplish. It’s a book about teamwork and trust. It’s a short story but really well written. It kept my attention and I hoped for the best the whole time reading it. I look forward to reading more books from this author!









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